Funeral streaming makes a difference

Foveo is a Latin word. It means “To Cherish.”

For many years, our founder served a downtown congregation as a lay minister. Presiding at funerals, he often met families whose relatives hadn’t been able to come due to burdens of travel, work, or illness. They had missed the heartfelt tributes, music, stories, and singular remembrances that comforted those present. The need to remember, honor and cherish a loved one’s legacy and keep them in remembrance for generations to come sparked Foveo.

We understand.

Foveo’s funeral experience platform was co-designed with funeral professionals. For over a decade, we’ve worked closely with funeral directors, owners, bereaved families, and their guests to simplify and refine the online funeral experience.

We also know it can be challenging to embrace new ways of serving families. We also know that you’ve experienced your own funeral streaming nightmare in the past. That’s why we provide personal consultation, orientation, and training meetings, as well as continuous live support and sales tools to simplify your adoption and progress. 

We strive.

We’re dedicated to providing a reliable live streaming service to help funeral professionals serve today’s families better. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced streaming technologies in the simplest ways possible, so that you can live stream with confidence and complete peace-of-mind. 

We also strive to improve the digital experiences of families and their online guests, helping you to offer more personalized, engaging, and meaningful experiences with your funeral home and your brand.  

We commit.

To make digital funeral experiences ever easier and more meaningful.
To put funeral directors comfortably in control of the most advanced digital technologies.
To respect and protect the dignity and privacy of families you serve and their guests.
To earn your trust as a partner and create new opportunities for your business growth.