Our Story

Foveo means “To Cherish”  [Latin]
Serving a downtown congregation, our founder presided at funerals where family members and friends often couldn’t attend due to work obligations, travel burdens or illness. The heartfelt tributes, singular remembrances, and golden stories shared only brought comfort to those able to attend. The need to honor, cherish, and share a loved one’s legacy in that special moment and for generations to come is what sparked Foveo.
Relying on a rich past to create meaningful modern experiences.
We have worked closely with funeral professionals and bereaved families for over a decade to improve the online funeral experience. Today, Foveo is the only funeral streaming platform that makes it easy for funeral professionals to offer exceptional value, serve families with dignity, and connect with their online audiences in extraordinary ways.

Our Goals

Make needed digital services simpler for funeral professionals 
We’re grateful to the funeral directors who helped co-design our platform—for funeral directors. We’re humbled by the bereaved families and guests who helped simplify and refine the streaming experience. We are proud to have put the most advanced funeral streaming technology in the hands of funeral professionals, who now go the extra mile without the extra steps. And we love the peace-of-mind our live support experts give staff and live stream guests alike. That’s how we’ve kept things simple.
Enable funeral businesses to grow their market share 
Attending a funeral via live stream should feel like a natural extension of the in-person experience. Foveo’s funeral streaming experience platform was built to connect people in meaningful ways. We’ve taken care of the details, so that every live stream can be a premium, personalized brand experience, something for which families and friends will certainly thank you. We’ve also made it easy for you to engage with them directly.
These are real ways we help funeral businesses grow.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining the dignity and privacy of the families that our funeral partners serve, protecting their personal information and that of their guests. Our corporate policies and practices reflect this commitment.