Our Story

Foveo is a Latin word that means “to cherish.”

In serving a downtown congregation, our founder would often preside at funerals where extended families and friends would be unable to attend due to travel costs, work obligations or illness. These people were missing the heartfelt tributes, singular remembrances and important stories that marked their loved one’s legacy and brought comfort to those present. That’s what sparked Foveo.

Our Goals

We’re making the future simpler for funeral professionals. 
Foveo’s live streaming platform was co-designed by funeral directors–for funeral directors. And we continue to work with funeral professionals, bereaved families and online guests to further refine their unique experiences. We’re keeping pace with rapid advances in live streaming technologies and remain focused on creating the most meaningful online experiences possible.
Our trusted Funeral Experience Platform™ and ground-breaking DirectorView™ app work in harmony to deliver simple, reliable, engaging funeral experiences.
Your live streams can be thoughtfully-personalized and tastefully-branded to be natural extensions of your in-person experience. Our streams also offer you the unique ability to build and strengthen relationships directly with new and loyal customers. And our customer care team gives you the peace-of-mind you would expect from experts personally monitoring and supporting each of your live streams.

Our Policies

We’re committed to maintaining the privacy and dignity of the funeral ceremonies and events we live stream. Our policies reflect this commitment and outline Foveo’s priorities and practices when it comes to operating our funeral streaming platform and managing the data entrusted to us.

Our commitment to protecting personal information.

Data Privacy

Our expectations of those using our platform.

Terms of Use