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Book a live demonstration of our trusted, family-centred, director-friendly streaming platform. There are service benefits and growth opportunities you’ve been missing when it comes to live streaming.

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You’re about to discover the untapped business value that live streaming regularly can offer your funeral home in the post-pandemic era.  During your demo, you’ll learn about our DirectorView™ mobile app, discover the value of permanent ForeverLink™ memorials, and consider the benefits of streaming with a SimplicityCam™.
Switching is easy. We’ll show you how simple it is to schedule a live stream and run it from your own phone or computer. How easy it is to connect directly with new customers through our unique guest engagement features. And how important family-led customization and privacy controls can be. We also think you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of our live support for staff, next of kin and online guests.
Book a demo here to see how easy we’ve made it for you to live stream and connect with new customers at the same time. You can also ask about streaming with us, using your own equipment or a videographer. We can start you streaming better that ever in just a few minutes.

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