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Streaming with Foveo.

It’s simple.

Easy to arrange and go live. Stream with a SimplicityCam™ or your own equipment, mobile device or videographer. Provide guests with automatic confirmation, reminder and thank you messages from your funeral home.

It’s supported.

Count on peace-of-mind thanks to our live co-hosts and guest support specialists. We work with your team and assist online guests who need a little extra help getting connected.

It’s personalized.

Families can customize the memorial page, curate a Remembering Wall™ display, open the Gallery for guests, and manage access, privacy and more. You can also stream pre-recorded videos for guests before, after and during the ceremony.

Easy as 1-2-3.

The Business Case

Build relationships.

Streaming with Foveo creates hundreds of opportunities every month to connect directly with target audiences—people with direct ties to your community, who have experienced a loss, and for whom you just provided a meaningful online experience. Live streaming can uniquely demonstrate your value, raise brand awareness, and build customer confidence in your ability to meet their future needs. By connecting with them afterwards, you can continue to build trust, lasting relationships, and your new customer pipeline.

Connect with customers.

On average, streaming adds 40 additional registered guests to the list of those who will attend a funeral. If 80 people attend a funeral in person, four of them may become future customers. By live streaming, you’ll be adding two more customers from that same funeral. And because you can now reach out directly to your online guests, you’ll be tipping the scales in favor of your funeral business when it comes to their future purchasing decisions.

Do the math.

What else could bring your business a 25x return on investment? Let’s keep it simple. If you arrange 100 funeral events this year and stream 30 of them, you’ll connect with 1,200 online guests. If 5% of them purchase $5,000 in funeral services from you in the next five years, you’ll add 60 new clients and $300,000 in revenue during that period and every year after that. You know, this could be a conservative estimate. Call us for pricing!

Grow your market share.

Don’t sell live streaming. Live stream to sell more funeral services. The value of streaming with Foveo lies in our platform’s ability to generate new business opportunities for you as you serve your families. Our platform simplifies guest engagement and experience marketing and will take you well beyond a passive web page and streaming to unknown audiences. You should be reaching out, building relationships and finding new customers automatically every time you live stream. Start a FREE trial to discover the simple benefits for yourself.

Deliver exceptional experiences

“You helped us serve the family in the way they wanted. Thanks for the amazing teamwork–it really worked well.”

Gabrielle M, Funeral Director

“It was almost like being there. The camera and sound were very good. It was the best online funeral I have attended in the past year—among, sadly, too many.”

Roxanne N, Guest

“The family was so grateful. The service was a great success, thanks to great teamwork!”

Greg B, Funeral Director

“You’ve truly made it simple for us to provide excellent service to our families. Foveo makes it easy to recommend live streaming with confidence.”

Natasha H, Funeral Director

“The audio and video were both high-quality. Our relatives in the Netherlands, Oregon and Alberta were so happy they could join us. Going with Foveo relieved a lot of stress for us. Highly recommend!”

Bob & Helen K, Bereaved Family

“Last week I had a Church service, and it was my first time using Foveo. The customer service I received was top notch!!”

Nathalie D, Funeral Director

“Foveo’s Simplicity Cam™ is so simple to operate. And connecting with a Care Specialist before the ceremony gives us added peace of mind.”

Niels N, Funeral Assistant

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