Serving as clergy in a downtown church, Foveo’s founder and CEO presided at several funerals. He enjoyed the heartfelt remembrances he would hear, but lamented that those who would have benefitted most from the stories and tributes — grandchildren, far-away friends, relatives — were often unable to attend. It’s why he created Foveo.
In Latin, Foveo means “to cherish.”

Realizing our Vision

Today, Foveo streams funeral ceremonies across the globe, delivering personalized broadcasts for leading funeral homes and the families they serve. We’ve kept pace with technology to create the very best online experiences for bereaved families and their invited guests.

Our industry experience and client partnerships are helping us grow and now deliver even more tailored funeral experiences.

We’ve also simplified the work of funeral professionals, maximizing software automation and remote technologies to give them full control of the family, guest and brand experiences.

From our Founder

Thank you for considering the real value of online experiences to your business. Streaming for families allows you to meet real needs and, at the same time, extend the reach of your brand to many people who will one day need to plan services for a loved one. We look forward to helping you — and them — get so much more out of your live streams.

Trajan Schulzke