Our Vision and Mission

Provide the simplest, most meaningful online funeral experiences available.

Simplify streaming for funeral professionals and refine online guest experiences in meaningful ways.

Why leading funeral homes choose Foveo

We started streaming in 2013 as MemorialStream. In 2020, we redefined our model, platform and technology to take advantage of advances in software and automation. Thanks to experience and industry partnerships, we’ve co-created a simpler, more-refined online funeral experience for funeral directors, families and their guests that allows them to gather and engage in deeply meaningful moments online.

Live streaming is critical to the success of every funeral business today. Foveo allows you to customize and personalize every live stream, enabling you to build trust, visibility and new relationships through the specially-designed, tastefully-branded and fully-supported live streaming experiences you can now offer.

What does FOVEO mean?

TO CHERISH.   It’s a latin word, pronounced “Fo-Vay-Oh.” Foveo allows more people than ever to gather and cherish the memory of their loved one.

From our CEO

Thank you for taking time to consider how you can improve your live stream experiences. I hope we get to work together to help you grow your business by offering more personalized and refined funeral streaming.

Sincerely, ​

Trajan Schulzke
Chief Executive Officer

Profile Photo of Trajan Schulzke, CEO